Can still see the page of Google " symmetries of leonardo" that boasts a panel praiserworthy.

07-10-2013 15:51
Podem ainda ver a Página da Google "  symmetries of leonardo" "symmetries of leonardo/" que ostenta um painel admiravél. 

Look at symmetrie of leonardo / image search pages of Google, clicking on each image to increase it and see the "image details".

20-02-2013 12:04
Vejam em symmetrieofleonardo / pesquisa de imagens das páginas da google, clicando em cada imagem para aumento da mesma e vejam os "detalhes de imagem".

Auto - Retrato aos 50 anos (perdido)????????

31-01-2013 12:10
Self - Portrait at 50 (lost)????

Reprodução de Imagens e Informação escrita interdita a reprodução (copiright)

14-11-2012 15:59
Reprodução de Imagens e Informação escrita interdita a reprodução (Copiright).

Stats from the Site

18-09-2012 12:26

Leonardo Hidden History of Science in Visual Art - Leonardo Oculta a História na Ciência da Arte Visual.

04-08-2012 15:51
Emails sent to museums, universities, experts and other institutions. Exhumation of Lisa Gherardini   I find myself obliged to inform the following: The real Lisa Gherardini who may be unfinished (Roberto Zapperi) is in the back of a painting and a beautiful Christ with an air of...

Information about the Christ(See images - Symetries Magic and Charm - Ipad 1503) - "Avatar sec XV ??????"

18-07-2012 12:25
        This painting of Christ stood alone for years in our farm house until one day, tired of asking why the questioning gaze of Christ, I started a six years research. Over my research I found in the painting the following "signs" and...

Message of Christ through the passage of "Tibet"

18-07-2012 12:23
  I think it is my duty to inform Your Excellency of the appearance of eleven symmetries that a painting of "Christ", since in one of them appears what seems to be an "Icon" of Your religion. Attached to the present email, I'm sending five (5) images, the first being the painting:...

Nota aos visitantes

18-07-2012 11:56
Soon New Images . Brevemente novas imagens.

Lisa Gherardini/Maria Madalena - See Images of the same name

18-07-2012 11:55
  Dear Sirs,   This Painting, I now present to you, came into my hands by inheritance from my ancestors with titles of nobility. It was unknown, however, the exact origin of the frame. After being aware of what I had in hands, I started a study on the painting and on Leonardo...