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18-07-2012 11:55


Dear Sirs,


This Painting, I now present to you, came into my hands by inheritance from my ancestors with titles of nobility.

It was unknown, however, the exact origin of the frame.
After being aware of what I had in hands, I started a study on the painting and on Leonardo Da Vinci.
Six years have passed in my research, which involved a significant investment both in money as in the study of the painting, but above all in dedication.

Since I haven´t got all the necessary technical skills to progress, I ask your help in spreading the work that I have.

through my study, an by the opinions of experts to whom I've presented the work, it all states that it has great value to the knowledge of the style of Leonardo da Vinci and his working method.
In my study several questions remained unanswered:
- For the artist to paint a Mary / Magdalene pregnant that cries of the right eye only,
- What is the meaning of the angel who plays harp with fingers with snake head,
- The meaning of the lips, in the Angel, and the Insignia 5 lisa and 5 L V 5 on the forehead
- An angel with a pencil in hand and on the tip of the pencil a skull, appearing to be writing a death sentence.
- The existence of a naked man (giving the optical illusion of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre), who's got a book, which reads the on the side Mona Lisa and Rafaello on the womb. (This image seems to meet the study Silvano Vinceti, which states that the model used for the Louvre masterpiece could be a man). Why not Rafaello, who saw the making of the painting of Mona Lisa
- What mean equations and formulas, and even words (Cristyhes and Phebas), entered in the book.
- At the side of that page, it seems to have a picture of Luca Pacioli, his teacher and friend for years.
- At the top of the book, one can see a wooden cross and next to a cone-shaped bag that was used to beg on religious acts.
- The accumulation of ink on the summit of the head of the female figure (giving the impression that the painting was restored) seems to have intended to create the illusion of glass image of the "Holy Grail"
- And what will it mean, next to the cups, an "M"?
- Also on the neck of the picture you can see the numbers (1456 - 3.5).

We can see different layer, creating a 3 dimensional effect, in which seems to be visible:

- the Sword of a Templar
- Lisa - the same word on the nose.
- The existence of a sixth finger on the right hand of the female figure.
- On the left hand is seen at the tips of five fingers, which seems to be five faces (Visages) of that era navigators
- On the back of his left hand one can see the same names
- And in the same hand leaves the date of 1458.
- In Infrared image, next to the underside of the left hand one can see what seems to be a carved chalice.
- In the left-hand wrist a bracelet with three pearls usual in the Mary / Magdalene paintings.
- An Infrared shows that, beneath the painting, there is a pearl earring in left ear

So, based on this painting, when in 2006, the Argentine writer Martin Caparros said that you you've read all about Leonardo Da Vindi, he might have been premature.

Carlo Pedretti, in 2008, stated that there was a portrait of "Lisa del Giocondo" prior to October 1503. And Alessandro Vezzosi, in 2005, mentioned that the real Lisa would have been painted between 1502/1506, and the Lisa displayed in the Louvre was painted around 1513.
Roberto Zapperi said in 2009 that the Mona Lisa from the Louvre represents Pacific Brandani "the Comforter" and that the true picture of the Mona Lisa remained unfinished.

I have another picture, which is identified as having been painted by Leonardo da Vinci. That painting has the signature of the author, as well as his fingerprint.

However, it seems there is another painting on the back of the picture, because it has an unusual layer of wax.
Unfortunately, there aren't in my country qualified experts to remove the layer of wax.

Therefore, my research has stopped due to lack of technical knowledge that would allow the full analysis of the paintings. Hence my request.

I attach 7 of images:
1 - Application of Red / Veneziano (Vemillon).
2 - Infrared presenting the background, indicated by the black circle: a reverse self-portrait of Leonardo.
3 - Snake hair on the fingers of the angel and in the lips: "5 Lisa 5 s"
4 - Infrared with the signature and the date 1503.
5 - Mary Magdalene with the registration numbers and letters (= LF95Y2354375) over the left eye and "Lisa" at the top of the right eye.
6 - Naked angel with the word "Rafaello" written in the womb.
7 - Equations and mathematical formulas in the book that Mary holds in his hands.