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This painting of Christ stood alone for years in our farm house until one day, tired of asking why the questioning gaze of Christ, I started a six years research.

Over my research I found in the painting the following "signs" and symmetries:

1.         : the right eye has a symbol in the center of the eye and the left eye has five (5) tips star shape.

2.         There is a signature on the sleeve on his right arm "5 Leonardo da Vinci" having at his side "5-1503" and is situated next to a "fingerprint" with the date "5-15XV" (which I assume is 1515). There is always the "5" before the dates, the signature and the "fingerprint".

3.         In the forehead (reverse) it is visible the Madonna with the Infant Jesus in her arms and S. Joseph by her side next to a signature (the crib)

4.         On the back of his right hand appears the word "Lisa" which I think meant that "Christ" might have been painted over one of Lisa's portraits.

5.         An infrared study of the rear of the painting shows a lady with short hair or hair styling in the form of pull-up, and, in the opposite direction a bearded man, which I assume is a self-portrait of "Leonardo da Vinci". All this is covered by a thin layer of wax.

6.         In his right hand appears in a series of infrared type dolls that remind me of some Picasso paintings, which hide the word "2-Lisa" in the middle of those figures.

7.         In his left hand holding his chin and forms an "M" with his fingers (Magdalene?), we can find the letters and numbers "XYO 5 5 5 5 6 3"

8.         Below the mouth of "Christ" is written "Lisa M.".

9.         On his chest I found "A I Э."

10.      The bone on the side of the neck has triangle shape, which brings to my mind the shape of the armpits of the "Shroud of Turin", also seen in others symmetries of the painting.

11.      The mouth and the beard "hide" a Templar.

12.      In the crown of thorns are visible, on the side, the words "Liza" (with a Z) and "Leonardo da Vinc" (the last "i" is unfinished) and in the center, above the forehead, the letters/words "Lisa5 5" and the "S" a "5"reversed.

13.      From the pictures I enclose, you cannot not notice the brush strokes in the painting. The canvas is thick it makes me believe that there are two enclosed canvas.


I do believe that, with the help of better digital and infrared cameras and other electronic devices, I could find even better results and discover new things that "Leonardo da Vinci" hid in what I like to call the fifteen hundred's tablet...

There are a lot more references: for example, one can notice the existence of "nail holes": 16 existing within the framework / timber that supports the canvas, indicating that the painting might have been was hidden or protected.


Now, for the symmetries. I found eleven, so far, some of them with the help of infrared (which I enclose):



Nr. 2 - We can see a Templar over the mouth of "Christ" with a necklace (a collier) full of symbols, with the head of the "Shroud of Turin" hanging over and further down a dove, over a lily.

Nr. 3 - The image of the above necklace where one can see traces of stylus based design as well as "pointillism" technique applied.

Nr. 4 - Shows an obelisk with a cross on top and a series of animal heads. Beneath we can see a dome of a monument and other images

Nr. 5 - "Christ's" back where you can see a Buddha and the Vitruvian Man, and, in a different configuration, a mummy, five characters, symbols and the Holy Grail.

Nr. 6 - We can see the dome of an inverted monument and a Queen with several children painted in the mantel. It also shows a "V" followed by two young lions that somehow remind me of Mickey Mouse. We can also see a mask and, in the background, the "Last Supper".

Nr. 7 - Again "Christ's" back where it is visible a statuette of the Buddha with many heads, hands and symbols.

Nr. 8 - "Christ's" front. Here it is visible a bull's head at the top, a face with big hat, also an animal, and a tiger's head in his hands ("Baphomet"?) and inverting the head appears on the shroud in his hands / cat mummy. The Templars claimed they saw a tiger's head on the shroud.

Nr. 9 - It can be seen a bust at the top in the crown of thorns with the letters RC of Rosy Cross (Rosacruz). In the face a small optical illusion a flag / banner with a red cross and two points of light. Other images can be seen. Such as the head of Jesus Christ in the Rosacrucian crucifix.

Nr. 10 - The Third Eye (Rosy Cross / Rosacruz). Also a gullet of a bird / pharaoh hung in a pendant that represents the 18th honor of Rosicrucian.

Nr. 11 - A symmetry from right to left. You can see on the top one a Sultan (with star shaped eyes). Also Joseph Arimathea and a lion's head (optical illusion). Other images can be found.

Nr. 12 - An infrared image, showing the crown of thorns where it can be read "Lisa" and under "Leonardo da Vinci" on the side. In the center "5 5 5 Lisa" being the "S" made of an inverted 5

Nr. 13 - Is an image made by electrophotography in the Catholic University of Portugal in Oporto (, which shows the word "Magdalene" (MADA) on the edge of the book that "Christ" holds in his right hand. This word is related to the fact that Magdalene had a daughter Andrea Del Giocondo and his son Piero was also married to a Magdalena Ridolfi.


Finally, I want to draw your attention to the way Leonardo da Vinci used the Symmetry and the importance he gave to the number "5".

Image nr. 8, as I pointed, shows the head of the Holy Shroud hanging on the collar in the neck of a Templar. (also in image 14) One can see the traces of stylus that marks the geometric design. Those same traces of the stylus can be found on the Holy Shroud (image 15). Note: Leonardo da Vinci often used the stylus to make marks in geometric design or as base for paintings (as stated Martin J. Kemp in one of his last interviews with the Portuguese press).


I would much appreciate Your opinion, both about the painting and the symmetry I found.

Should you need one or more of this images in photo paper (in high quality), please ask that they´ll be sent by Express Mail.

For now, as a simple safety procedure, I´m keeping all my contacts via Email.